Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teen girl punched by seattle cop!

In june, a teen girl was punched by a seattle cop after being stopped for JAYWALKING(!), and apparently resisting arrest. I was watching fox 4 news in dallas today, and they actually said that not only did the officer not get into trouble, but he also was commended honorably for this. HE PUNCHED A TEEN GIRL! Come on now, if he will punch a teen girl, he will punch his wife. Cops are supposed to be trained for situations like this, there are many ways to restrain someone who is resisting. A dallas cop would never get away with that, without major riots. I resisted and fought 7 cops a year ago, and not one of them punched me! Why? because they were doing there job right. Like i said, they are trained for these situations. This cop looks like he was trained as a professional boxer. I bet he wouldnt punch me lol, i beg him or any other cop to try. Then they go on to say that the girl actually appolagized to the cop! Are you serious, i would be appolagizing to the city for running them broke! And can you believe this officer has thousands of facebook fans? probally all racist people, and i only say this because after looking at the video, i see no just cause for what he did, what so ever. All she was doing was resisting, she did not hit the cop! I wish it wouldve happened in dallas, he would be fried! Stand up people! Stop being cowards and fight back! Pigs are nothing more than civilians in uniform, Stop being scared! Speak your mind! Please feel free to comment. Enjoy. View the video


  1. I agree pigs in uniform, they think there above the law!

  2. Lol cops are outrageous

  3. Cops think a badge means above the law. Show some respect